Domus Valeria is a cozy apartment on the attic floor of Palazzo Saulini, accessible by an antique elevator.

The apartment consists of three rooms, decorated with Italian taste. The two master bedrooms are both of a large size, furnished with beds and antique furniture and have walk-in closet. Ideal for an extended stay, alone or in pairs, allowing you to live a "Roman Holiday" breathing the atmosphere of the historic centre of the city. In each room you'll find a mini bar, flat screen colour TV and a DVD player.

The apartment also has a single room, furnished in Venetian style, ideal for a short stay. If you have a working meeting held in Rome, instead of sleeping in an anonymous hotel, take the opportunity to give yourself a moment of relaxation in Domus Valeria. The room has a large wardrobe, a brass bed, a desk and a bookshelf.

All the rooms have shared services, with shower. There is also a small toilet with sink.

In the lounge area I'm displaying some of my favourite paintings of my family's private collection: an autographed print by Athanasius Kircher, depicting the villas of the Roman southern countryside, engraved in an edition of only two in 1671, and an oil painting attributed to romantic painter Arnold Böcklin, as a study for the first version of his masterpiece The Isle of the Dead, made in 1880. In the corridor a series of ink prints of the XIX century, lit by golden wood sconces, tell the cycle of Jerusalem Delivered by Torquato Tasso.

Completing the apartment is a private terrace of approximately 100 sqm overlooking the Trinity Steps and the Academy of France.

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